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What are the most taboo behaviors when cleaning a barbecue grill?

2020-10-16 16:05:04

Today’s theme to share with you is: cleaning the smoke-free barbecue what is the most taboo behavior, and it’s not too late to make up for it.

Currently, the barbecue industry still uses charcoal as the heat source, so the barbecue shop has to use a smokeless grill or install a lampblack purification system to remove oil fume.

(Traditional restaurant oil fume purifier)

Regardless of whether the barbecue restaurant uses an integrated smokeless grill or an installed fume hood purification system, the structure is different but the principle is the same. After filtering and purifying by the oil fume purifier, the purified clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the air duct or chimney.

Common all-in-one smokeless barbecue grills are known to be widely used in the catering industry. They are generally rectangular boxes installed behind the fume hood to pass the wind The pipe connection is sometimes installed in front of the fan and sometimes installed behind the fan.

Traditional kitchen smoke exhaust purification system smokeless barbecue grill is based on the purification principle of oil fume purifier, which is cleverly used by barbecue grill manufacturers to assemble a movable and smokeable grill There is a barbecue artifact that can handle oil fume. This equipment has been widely used throughout the country since 2014.

The effect of oil fume purifiers in purifying oil fume can still be visually smokeless. Grill manufacturers will use the number of purifier electric fields in the furnace as a price reference to sell products. The more natural purification effect is, the higher the price is, but the purification effect is also related to the quality and structure of the electric field of each manufacturer (more details will be discussed later). As the owner of a barbecue restaurant, you must be aware that the purification effect of the oil fume purifier is not once and for all. In order to last for a long time, we must clean the electric field of the smokeless barbecue regularly, and also use the correct cleaning method to avoid mistakes.

I have said so much before, but now I have entered the theme, I hope you can understand. In fact, cleaning the purifier is not a complicated matter. As long as we pay attention to the points that should be paid attention to, your equipment will not only have no problems, but will also extend your life. How to clean the treasure that earns you money? Let’s look at the editor:

Before cleaningThe purifier electric field

(1) Pay attention to the amount of caustic soda and control the soaking time

The editor noticed that most people in cleaning electric fields now use caustic soda soaking. Barbecue fume is much thicker than restaurant fume, and dust is particularly easy to stick to On the purifier, soaking with caustic soda can effectively remove heavy oil from the barbecue. The amount of caustic soda is usually about 2 kg each time. Put the electric field into a bucket and soak the electric field with warm water. The amount of caustic soda is not easy to be too much, if it is too much. It is necessary to reduce the soaking time. During the soaking period, the electric field can be repeatedly removed to change the direction of soaking, until the oil stains on each side of the electric field are soaked. (Caustic soda will corrode the electric field of the purifier, so the amount should not be large, and the time should not be long, as long as the oil is soaked out).

(2) The use of steel ball brush is prohibited

Many people will think of cleaning with steel wool brushes before cleaning. This is absolutely inevitable, because these things tend to stick the residual wire in the electric field. Here, when the high-voltage electric field is energized, it will cause a short circuit, and sometimes the purifier will make a "pop" fire sound, which can easily damage the purifier's high-voltage power supply.

(3) Wash and pay attention to details

After soaking, when we rinse, we must rinse it side by side, including the insulated magnetic head.

(4) After washing, it needs to be exposed to the wind and sun, turn over more

After cleaning, place it in the sun at the air vent to dry out the water. During the period, turn the purifier over to dry all the water.

(5) Install and wire correctly after the 

After many people remove the electric field and clean it, it will not be installed, especially the first cleaning. If you are not familiar with the wiring principle, remember to remove it. The original wiring diagram, as well as the placement of the electric field, because the electric field installation is not put in casually, but also divided into directions.

After cleaning Purifier electric field

Through this article, it must be helpful for new grill users or friends who are about to buy a grill. There may be many precautions for cleaning a smokeless grill After all, the models of various manufacturers are also different. In short, paying attention to the above points can also guarantee the use and cleaning of the grill.

For more information about smokeless grills, welcome everyone to continue to pay attention!


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