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Barbecue grills help barbecue safety

2020-10-16 16:06:48

Farewell to the rainy days of the past few days, and usher in a short-term spring and beautiful weather. And when the spring blossoms are in full bloom, asking friends to have an outdoor barbecue has become the best choice for many people to "spring outing" on weekends. It is understood that, driven by outdoor barbecues, the sales of barbecue stoves, barbecue ingredients, and barbecue condiments have increased. However, it is worth mentioning that outdoor barbecue users should pay special attention to the control of barbecue time and temperature to avoid excessive production of harmful substances such as benzopyrene and affect the safety of barbecued food.

The author has learned from the market that many businesses have been looking at the "spring outing" outdoor barbecue time, and they have introduced outdoor barbecue tools coincidentally. At the same time, driven by this "outdoor barbecue" boom, self-service barbecue stoves such as barbecue pits, tin foil, disposable bakeware, disposable tableware, environmentally friendly charcoal, brushes, and bamboo sticks are popular in the market. In order to better facilitate the centralized purchase of barbecue enthusiasts, some supermarkets separate some barbecue tools from kitchen appliances, set up special counters for "Spring Outing" supplies, and launch various promotional activities. The sales of related barbecue tools are very substantial.

Of course, the barbecue tools are ready, and various barbecue ingredients are needed. The author has learned that the barbecue ingredients on the market can be said to be everything, all available, full of several large refrigerators. There are meat ingredients such as lamb skewers, beef, connected flesh and blood, pork belly, tenderloin, chicken wings, kidneys, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, chicken cartilage, enema, etc. There are also leeks, potato chips, corn, enoki mushrooms, red peppers, eggplants, sweet potato chips, Common vegetable barbecue ingredients such as rice cakes and other common vegetables meet the diverse needs of consumers.

In fact, whether it’s an outdoor barbecue or an indoor barbecue, after the various barbecue ingredients are grilled, "you skewer each skewer", drink beer and eat Skewers, so uncomfortable! However, it is worth mentioning that although barbecue is delicious in the world, the benzopyrene contained in it should not be eaten more, otherwise it will cause cancer, which has become a well-known "common sense." It is understood that benzopyrene, also known as benzopyrene, is a carcinogen recognized by the World Health Organization. Common barbecued foods, burnt foods, fried foods, and kitchen fumes may all produce benzopyrene.

So, as far as outdoor barbecue is concerned, how to prevent benzopyrene from grilled food? Experts in the industry have proved through experiments that no harmful substances have been detected in freshly roasted food, and the longer the roasting time, the higher the content of benzopyrene. According to the national food safety standards, the detection standard of benzopyrene is not more than 5g/kg.

But if the temperature is 230℃, and the food is baked for half an hour, the detection of benzopyrene is about 5.3g/kg, which obviously exceeds the national standard. It can be seen that users should choose a professional grill, which can control the time and temperature of grilling to avoid excessive benzopyrene content and ensure the safety of grilled food.

At present, there are various types of grills on the market, including electric barbecues, smokeless carbon grills, gas barbecues, microwave barbecue, etc. No matter what kind of grill, because it does not directly touch the food, it does not lose water, so that the food becomes moisturized and maintains a good flavor and taste. More importantly, the grill is equipped with an automatic temperature control system. Users can set the grilling temperature and time according to the characteristics of the ingredients, effectively avoiding excessively high temperature and long grilling time, which will cause excessive benzopyrene production and affect food safety .

In addition, with the country’s strict control of (outdoor) open-air barbecues to ensure that the fumes and noise emissions meet the national standards, smokeless barbecues are becoming more and more popular. Favored by the market. According to industry insiders, one end of the furnace body of the smokeless barbecue grill is provided with a smoke pollution chamber, and the smoke oil purifier is connected to the upper part of the smokeless barbecue furnace through a flue. When the oil fume is transported to the oil fume purifier, it can be purified to make the oil fume emission meet the national standards. Of course, the equipment is also equipped with a temperature control system to ensure the safety of barbecued food.

It is undeniable that "warm spring" is heating up, and outdoor barbecue has become one of the "spring outing" projects for many people. However, due to the inaccurate control of the barbecue temperature and time of the food, it is easy to produce excessive amounts of harmful substances such as benzopyrene. Therefore, outdoor barbecue enthusiasts must choose a professional barbecue grill to achieve precise temperature and time control to ensure the safety of barbecued food. .

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