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Cleaning tips before and after family barbecue in summer

2020-10-16 16:16:11

It’s time to invite your friends, fill the refrigerator with vegetables, kebabs and drinks, and enjoy a barbecue party with your friends! The cleaning of the terrace is an essential preparation before barbecue. Below, Kaka will provide some tips to easily turn your terrace into a must-visit place in summer~

Before grilling: Clean the terrace

A terrace that has not been used for a long time must have accumulated a lot of dirt and fallen leaves, so it is impossible to clean it. And ordinary water pipes cannot be flushed clean. You need a pressure washer that can quickly remove moss and dirt. In addition, choosing the right terrace cleaner can save time and effort. After the floor is cleaned, you can also use the spray gun to wash the furniture in the courtyard.


How to clean up clothes splashed by oil fume during barbecue? Experts suggest that after shaking off the soot on the surface, quickly wash off the oil with detergent, and then set the washing machine to the highest temperature for cleaning. Don’t be messed up by dirty clothes~

After BBQ, cleaning the grill is a problem

After the party, wait for the ashes in the furnace to cool down before sweeping it away. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner, such as Kach’s AD 3200, to completely remove residual dust. The hardened barbecue residue left on the grill is difficult to clean up! If you are using a gas grill, there is actually a good way:

Step 1: After all the meat is clamped, heat the grill again and let the residue on it burn for a few minutes.

Step 2: Use a wire brush to scrape off large pieces of dirt from the grill, then wrap the grill with a damp cloth and let it sit for a few hours (soaking in moisture will help The dirt comes off).

Step 3: Brush the grill with alkaline cleaner, and then rinse it clean. If there are still stubborn stains, you can use a steel ball moistened with soapy water to remove it.

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