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The transformation and upgrading version of my countrys hardware industry, new breakthroughs and strikes

2020-10-16 16:21:42

It is understood that the traditional classification of China's hardware industry is three categories: construction hardware, tool hardware, and daily hardware. If the hardware industry itself is known for its wide variety and rich variety, then the daily hardware industry will be among the best in the comparison of the number and design of products. There are many kinds of products in this industry, such as razors, nail clippers, lighters, zippers, cooking utensils, etc. If you just refine a cookware, pots and pans, knives, forks and spoons are all available. Therefore, in the product sales of household hardware companies, it is also easy to form a situation of going it alone and working independently. Moreover, it is obvious that this situation has become a fixed pattern in the actual marketing activities of enterprises in the past.

"Transformation and upgrading" is a new topic proposed by the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for Chinese enterprises. So, how can hardware companies achieve "transformation and upgrading" at this stage? This topic became the China Hardware Products held in Hangzhou from March 21st to 22nd. The central topic of the second meeting of the fourth council of the association. What is gratifying is that in the group discussion on the plan, the representatives of the daily hardware discussion group contacted the actual daily hardware and combined the characteristics of the small and many products of the industry. A consensus has been reached on the strategic measures to attack and expand sales channels. It should be said that this is a breakthrough idea and method proposed by the daily hardware industry to face the new situation and realize "transformation and upgrading".

Longing for "If You Are the One" to enter the hardware industry

"If You Are the One" is a famous column of Jiangsu TV Station to match young people and find true love. Qian Junping, the general manager of Shandong Dongjin Tableware Company, put forward a very interesting idea: I hope "If you are the one" to enter the industry. Qian Junping said that the "five changes" mentioned in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" formulated by the China Hardware Products Association are what the industry must do in the future. She went on to introduce that they are a full-time foundry company that makes OEM products for the world's high-end brands. The export leg of the enterprise is hard, and the biggest feature of export is the low product inventory and the quick return of funds. They also intend to open up the domestic market, but they are not familiar with the domestic market. In addition, the publicity offensive of century-old stores abroad is strong. Therefore, she hopes that the association will introduce sellers to enterprises like "If You Are the One" as a matchmaker for young people. At the meeting, she also suggested that the association should serve enterprises in terms of fair loans for SMEs, training costs, stabilizing the workforce, and establishing social control mechanisms.

To express his sincerity, Qian Junping sent a letter to Liu Runfeng, deputy secretary-general of the association, solemnly expressing her suggestion: Today our group discussed how to grow and expand the brand. Everyone believes that a good brand is a must Yes, but the methods should be diverse. Value and small-scale enterprises must cooperate, and production and marketing must be combined. At present, to walk on two legs, the direction must be towards the brand, even if it is an OEM company, it must do a good job in domestic sales. Representatives of the daily-use hardware industry have taken the action of grouping out and integrating production and sales to a high level of understanding of market strategies and actions. The participants were full of confidence in the bright future of hardware development.

The new production and sales model of Hezhong Guangyun

The topic was aroused by Liang Zhanquan, director of Guangdong Hezhong Guangyun Household Products Co., Ltd. and director of Guangdong Lingfeng Group Co., Ltd. President Office. Liang Zhanquan gave a detailed introduction to the practice of companies opening up channels, which aroused widespread recognition among the delegates and became a hot topic of discussion among the delegates.

According to Liang Zhanquan, after analyzing and discussing the difficulties of exporting manufacturers in developing the domestic market and the various realities and asymmetric environments of domestic sales, at the beginning of 2008, the core of Hezhong Guangyun headed by Ye Zhongping, chairman of Baoliya Industrial Development Co., Ltd. The team members put forward the core concept of "Complementary Advantages, Resource Sharing, and Co-construction of Channels", replacing single-handed efforts with a joint alliance, and jointly operating the domestic market with resource sharing. Integrating different manufacturers, different products, different expertise and different resources, that is, different household goods export manufacturers jointly build a retail terminal business model, and jointly build a platform based on this core concept to establish Hezhong Guangyun.

Later, after the 2008 financial crisis broke out in October of that year, export companies encountered difficulties in opening domestic market channels. Sales costs and hidden costs in domestic commercial supermarkets were high, and it was difficult to make a profit. Therefore, production companies produced joint self-owned stores and opened The idea of franchising stores coincides with the urgent need of the external environment. Guangdong Hezhong Guangyun Household Products Co., Ltd., which was newly established in September 2010, began to implement store opening plans. So far, there are flagship stores in operation, and franchise stores are also in progress. The purpose of the new company is not to be small and comprehensive, but to be bigger and stronger in one field.

Guangdong Hezhong Guangyun Household Products Co., Ltd. is characterized by the establishment of a joint venture by domestic ** household product manufacturers. The main shareholders are Guangdong Lingfeng Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yangchen Kitchenware Co., Ltd., and Foshan Gaoming Junzi Glass Co., Ltd. , Guangdong Baoliya Industrial Development Co., Ltd., etc. The company is committed to bringing more quality and tasteful household products to domestic consumers through the establishment of national chain household products stores.

It should be said that the founding shareholders of the company are all leading companies in various sub-sectors of China's household products, and are the main OEM manufacturers of many international first-line brand household products. The products include a full line of household products, including kitchen household products, bathroom household products, storage household products, automotive household products, and soft decoration household products. Their products are sold well in more than 200 countries around the world, and their export volume is at the national level in all sub-sectors.

With the strong upward trend of China's domestic demand market, these household goods manufacturing and export companies that once won the glory of "Made in China" overseas have begun to collectively turn around and devote themselves to serving the domestic market. They integrate the advanced manufacturing technology, creative humanistic design, environmental protection and low-carbon concepts accumulated in the international market all the year round into the products, and bring the most abundant choice of household products and the best home furnishings to domestic consumers. Supplies to enjoy.

The group attacked and the response was enthusiastic

Li Jihui, director and general manager of Yangjiang Eighteenth Group Co., Ltd. immediately stated that domestic sales and foreign sales must be coordinated in business, and they must walk on two legs. Just now, Liang Zhanquan of Lingfeng Company mentioned that the newly established Guangdong Hezhong Guangyun Household Products Co., Ltd. puts forward the core concept of "Complementary Advantages, Resource Sharing, and Joint Construction of Channels". I think it is a good way to share and jointly operate the domestic market. I suggest to organize high-quality brands to jointly develop the market based on the small and many characteristics of daily hardware products, and organize them into the form of "combined daily hardware stores", while in the store, each company branded its own brand. This is both concentrated and Individuality, forming a fist in China's daily hardware market sales.

Ma Changhong, a company from Beijing called Hualiu Fashion Gifts Company, offered positive suggestions on how companies should attack in groups from the perspective of distributors: Judging from their company's experience as a gift marketing company, there are great opportunities in the domestic gift market. According to statistics provided by relevant departments by Ma Changhong, there are more than 12 million tourists in the Summer Palace every year, of which more than 6 million are foreign tourists, accounting for half of the tourists to Beijing. Ma Changhong believes that many hardware products can be sold as gifts. In this regard, efforts should be made to produce products that meet the domestic and foreign tourism markets. For example, Japan’s Tiger brand vacuum flask has three layers inside and outside, and tea cans have three layers up and down. Similar products are popular with tourists. Chinese hardware companies should also develop products in response to market demand.

Ma Changhong said that the China Hardware Products Association is a world-recognized association, and the product development of enterprises must keep up with the world trend. There are many kinds of daily hardware products, and many products are suitable for gifts. Therefore, daily hardware companies should attack in groups based on their own product characteristics, obtain information from them, produce and sell products in groups, and vigorously develop special markets. It seems that there is not enough grouping between companies, and the information is not symmetrical, and companies and products are entering the market alone. Therefore, the industry guides companies to strike out in groups to be in line with world reputation and reputation. This must be on the agenda.

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