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Oven cleaning tips, safety and maintenance tips

2020-10-16 16:37:49

When the spring sun shines in the courtyard, our eyes are once again locked on the beloved oven. Well, it looks a bit dirty, it's time to clean it up, but what should I do?

Now the author organizes the most important barbecue cleaning tips and tricks for you, so that your barbecue In the barbecue season, the haze is swept away and everyone is blinded.

Gas oven: When cleaning the gas oven, the most important thing is to pay attention to safety.

Check all hoses and valves for leaks, because these places have large temperature changes and are most likely to be cracked. When testing, apply a layer of soapy water on the surface of the hose, and then twist the valve to let in gas. If there are small bubbles on the hose, it proves that there is indeed a breakage, causing gas leakage.

Then check whether all the air outlets are unblocked and whether the gas passing speed is uniform. If the pores are blocked, you can use a special cleaner for the oven to clean it to make it unblocked.

There is also a way to keep the oven clean. After each barbecue, continue to heat the oven until the food residue in the oven is also burned out.

Cleaning up the rust: After a whole winter, due to the cold and humidity, rust of varying degrees appeared on the grill. At this time, these rusts should be carefully removed with sandpaper or wire brush.

When cleaning the cast iron grate, it should now be coated with cooking oil. After each use, some oil should be applied for maintenance.

Inside and outside the furnace body: These areas can be scrubbed with a damp cloth and detergent. If the oven hood needs cleaning, there is also a special cleaning agent.

Barbecue utensils: These utensils (especially barbecue utensils) should be soaked in water first, then carefully rinsed, and finally dried with a dry cloth.

Nuts and bolts: Check whether all the nuts and bolts are tightened to prevent accidents during grilling.

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