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Barbecue special rectification began, smoke-free barbecue grills "help a lot"

2020-12-16 16:42:17

This is the peak season for barbecue and skewers, barbecue stalls, grilled fish shops, etc.," The storm is back", the voice was full. Indeed, oil fume pollution, noise pollution, health hazards, road occupancy and traffic jams caused by barbecues have seriously affected the quality of life of surrounding residents, and have become the focus of complaints and concerns. Rectification. Recently, many places have vigorously rectified barbecues, and ordered non-compliant operators to correct or suspend business for rectification or suspend business, and strive to create a "tidy and orderly" living environment for residents.

Barbecue manufacturer

Started special rectification, "zero tolerance" for barbecue pollution

With the arrival of summer, the barbecue season will also follow. The number of barbecue shops began to increase, which not only caused serious troubles such as oil fume pollution, noise pollution, and barbecue garbage pollution to the lives of citizens, but also brought pressure on the appearance and environment of the city, and caused urban residents to varying degrees Life pressure. Pollution to the atmospheric environment. In order to better fulfill the responsibility of air pollution and oil fume prevention and control, and effectively solve related problems such as barbecue and catering oil fume, recently, Laizhou, Xianyang, Xingtai, Yantai, Liyang, Hezhou, Yongzhou, Rudong, Xiayi and other places have launched special Barbecue rectification action.

Among them, in the remediation action, especially the open-air barbecue, "open-air barbecue" has nowhere to hide, vigorously maintain the civilized urban environment, protect the health and safety of the people, and provide the citizens with a quiet, orderly and tidy living environment. According to the author's understanding, when grilling and decorating in many places, Dou requires all stores to strictly abide by the relevant regulations to meet the requirements of "entry, oil fume inlet", such as barbecue grills should be installed with oil fume purifiers. , And clean up the oil fume in time, and regularly purify the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Not only that, in the special rectification actions for barbecues, barbecue operators are also required to use environmentally friendly smokeless barbecues, or to transform original furnaces without oily smoke, not to use highly polluting fuels, and to use clean energy to meet environmental protection standards. At the same time, business households that do not meet the requirements will be issued a rectification notice within a time limit in accordance with relevant regulations and require immediate suspension of business for rectification. Stores that do not use smokeless grills should also be ordered to make corrections within the deadline.

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