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More healthy than charcoal oven

2020-12-18 09:05:58

In summer, it's Barbecue Season. All kinds of string incense. Some even describe their dining life as "three small barbecues a day". As we all know, regular barbecue will do more harm than good, but if you can't resist the temptation of barbecue, what should you do?
Barbecue oven manufacturer


The food and Drug Administration reminds consumers that electric kebabs are healthier than charcoal kebabs. High temperature cooking or food directly on the fire will produce more carcinogenic chemicals, and electric kebab can effectively control the baking temperature. They are not in contact with open fire, and the heat is uniform, and can prevent scorching, which can greatly reduce the production of carcinogens. Consumers should choose a good kebab when eating barbecue. Some kebabs are charred on the outside and tender on the inside. Although they have good taste, they are difficult to sterilize effectively due to uneven heating and low central temperature. There may be residual pathogenic microorganisms, which is a potential danger. Therefore, we should pay attention to the amount of heat, eat after cooking, and control the total intake.
According to the video, barbecue with beer can easily cause gout. Eating more purine rich foods can lead to gout symptoms. Purine is widely found in all kinds of food. Seafood, meat and alcohol contain more purines, especially beer. Even soybean products and vegetables will contain a certain amount of purine. So it's more dangerous to eat lots of seafood, barbecue and beer together. If you don't drink beer during barbecue, use it with a cup of normal temperature green tea, which can relieve the greasy feeling, protect the stomach, and avoid alternating hot and cold stimulation.

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